Floor conveyors

The floor conveyor is particularly well suited for the handling of heavy, numerous and bulky loads in indoor and outdoor operation with fixed or variable speed models over long distances.

Transport your products automatically

Specialized in handling and conveying, ACMP implements Carrousel type floor conveyors or link-belt type sliding forged chain conveyors which are 2 different types of automatic handling systems.

The use of a floor conveyor streamlines material handling operations and reduces storage space, with lower operating and maintenance costs than traditional material handling equipment. The floor conveyor is usually production, assembly or storage equipment. Its configuration allows an easy adaptation of the workstation ergonomics and the implementation of ancillary equipment (robots, rotators…).

A great flexibility of use

The carousel is easy to set up, modify or relocate. Circuits are usually endless loops, operating continuously or step by step. They can also be supplied in a disengageable Double Rail Conveyor version which allows flexibility of use. 

The floor conveyor lends itself to multiple uses and truly represents a factor of productivity.

For all types of floor conveyors

The underground link-belt conveyor (can be installed above ground with adaptation) is made up of a U-shaped rail, cold-formed and laterally reinforced by two high-strength guide plates, in which circulates a sturdy Forged Chain Conveyor made of treated steel, equipped with pushers allowing the drive of carts rolling on the ground by means of a vertically sliding high-strength steel spindle.Le convoyeur au sol (link-belt) enterré (possibilité de l’implanter hors sol avec adaptation) est constitué d’un rail en U profilé à froid et renforcé latéralement par deux plats de guidage à haute résistance dans lequel circule un Convoyeur Chaîne Forgée robuste en acier traité, équipé de poussoirs permettant l’entraînement de chariots roulant au sol par l’intermédiaire d’une broche en acier haute résistance coulissant verticalement.

The rail opening limited to 25 mm allows a maximum level of safety for personnel and the movement of traditional handling equipment.
Many advantages, silent operation, reduced handling operations, low cost, long service life, flexibility and ease of installation.

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