For thousands of years, man has worked with iron: foundry, forge and boiler making have always been noble trades.

With the constant evolution of design procedures and the improvement of calculation techniques, boiler making has become a highly technical industry. Every day, manufacturing modernises this trade, which is the basis of all areas of industry.

ACMP boiler making
Design and manufacture

ACMP’s boiler making department, a specialist in mechanically welded and boiler made solutions, is an essential link in your projects. We put our design and manufacturing resources at your disposal to produce all your mechanically welded and boiler-made products in the shortest possible time and at the best price.

A team of professional, integrated and motivated welders is able to work with all types of metals such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.

ACMP operates within a cluster of competitive and complementary companies in various trades (machining, laser cutting, bending, surface treatment, etc.).

This tried and tested network enables us to respond to all types of equipment.

ACMP establishes direct and privileged relationships with its customers. The efficiency of our processes, the structured communication, the flexibility and performance of our teams are easily integrated into all types of projects.

Industrial know-how

At ACMP, collective know-how is combined with a proven industrial tool. Our teams know how to make the most of the equipment.

This synergy is a factor of quality but also of flexible adaptation to orders. Our skills in the field of welding allow us to understand all types of manufacturing such as lifting devices, handling aids, manipulators and special machines

Welded and fabricated products

ACMP produces a wide range of parts in small, medium and large series at competitive prices.

Our integrated quality department takes samples from the series for strength and dimensional checks.

Une grande souplesse d'utilisation

[Manipulator illustration] a manipulator consisting of a welded frame with a translation, unwinding and articulated arm system. This equipment combines the skills of the boilermakers, the precision of the machinists and the meticulousness of the assembler to achieve a technically optimal result and customer satisfaction.

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