Single rail overhead conveyor

The single rail or single track ACMP conveyor consists of a rail forming a closed circuit.
It can be found on overhead conveyors or on ground conveyors. Designed to transport continuously or step by step, isolated loads in the best conditions of reliability and safety, whatever the complexity of the circuit to be covered, this means of transport also proves to be a dynamic storage mode.

Easy to install and module

The conveyor is made of standard modular elements manufactured and assembled in our premises in the Ardennes, which gives it a great flexibility of adaptation and modification. The assembly is done by simple bolting and without any welding.

The automation of the loading stations ensures the installation a complete autonomy.

To optimize conveying solutions

With its small size and low weight, the ACMP single-rail overhead conveyor can be installed without difficulty.
Suspended by tie rods on the building structure or supported on the ground by means of jibs or gantries, the single-rail conveyor allows

  • Improvement of the production potential.
  • Increase of production rates and productivity.
  • Optimization of operations.
  • Gain in surface area.
  • Availability and reduction of stocks.
  • Improvement of safety

Double rail overhead conveyor

The double rail conveyor is composed of standard elements assembled by bolting. The carts are of robust design and can carry up to 400 kg.

By coupling and combining them with spreaders, the load capacity can be quadrupled.
The conveyor consists of an upper rail which receives a chain driving disengageable load bearing carts in the lower rail.

A wide range of technical solutions

  • The switch installation
    allows bypasses to create storage areas, supply several operator stations or maintenance areas.

  • Chain transfers
    allow to create different speeds of movement of the parts.

  • The installation of elevators or lifting sections
    facilitates the loading or unloading but also the dipping in different baths (painting or pickling, etc…)

  • The automation of these installations allows to optimize the work of the operators

Operation, capacity and customization

The double-rail conveyor is a very cost-effective handling solution that can provide significant added value.
In combination with part recognition systems (RFID), this results in optimized lines that can be managed from A to Z.
The infinite possibilities of the double rail conveyor allow for the most complex routes, as evidenced by its presence in many industries.

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