Overhead conveyor

A know-how, a quality of manufacture.

ACMP single rail or single track overhead conveyors, double rail, corded or forged mechanical chain conveyors are designed to continuously or step-by-step convey isolated loads in the best conditions of reliability and safety. 

Regardless of the complexity of the circuit to be covered, this means of transport also proves to be a dynamic storage mode.

Easy to install and modular

The conveyor consists of standard modular elements manufactured and assembled on our premises, which gives it great flexibility of adaptation and modification. The assembly is carried out by simple bolting and without any welding. The eventual automation of the loading stations ensures the installation a complete autonomy.

Operation, capacity, customization

With its small size and low weight, the ACMP single-rail overhead conveyor can be easily installed. It can be suspended by tie rods on the building structure or taken up on the ground using jibs or gantries.

This type of conveying can bring :

  • Improvement of the production potential.
  • Increase of cadences and productivity.
  • Optimization of operations.
    Gain of surface area.
  • Availability and stock reduction.
  • Improvement of safety.

Our references of overhead conveyors